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Blush & Gloom Candles

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Hedonistic Jazz Age is being invited to a party. This party takes place in the blue pine gardens of a mansion the likes of which you have never seen. The bar is in full swing, prohibition be damned; the champagne flows and flows. The air is effervescent, alive with drunken laughter and chatter and jazz, jazz, jazz. You are too. Notes: Champagne, pine, pear.

Potions & Prophecies is chopping up elderberry, wormwood, mistletoe berries, a strand or two of your own hair, and tossing them into the cauldron. The potion is hot and bubbling, the air thick with fumes and magic. In the smoke, the future becomes clear. What you do with this knowledge- this prophecy- is up to you, o witch. Notes: Sweet fruit, incense, magic.

Secluded New England Mansion is trespassing in a place you ought not to be. You were warned about this grand, moss covered, ill-kept estate; you did not listen.  There's a roaring fire in the hearth and a whispering in your ear but not a soul sight Your arms are covered in goosebumps; your spine trembles with shivers. Remember this: you were warned. You did not listen. Notes: Black tea, amber, fireside. 

Graveyard Poets is wandering churchyards and meditating, as Elizabeth Singer Rowe and Thomas Gray once did, on mortality and all its fragility. Skulls and coffins, epitaphs and worms. Melancholy wraps itself around your shoulders like a favorite threadbare scarf and the dead, well. They sleep on. Notes: Red wine, earth, wisteria.

Marvelous Unknown Places is discovering a secret, a marvelous secret, a secret that might just change everything. You stand surrounded by flowers of all shapes and sizes and smells and you feel, perhaps for the first time in your life, happy. The sun is warm, the breeze is gentle, and you will be okay. What a wonder. Notes: Rose, daffodil, jasmine.

Persephone smells like leaving the dark, cavernous Underworld behind and stepping out into the warm, golden sunlight. Flowers bloom with every step you take, leaving a wildflower trail behind you, and birds sing the sweetest songs. It's as if the Earth itself is celebrating your being there. Crops, once dead, sprout back to life. Spring has sprung and even the crush pomegranate seeds in your pockets cannot stop the Summer soon to come. Notes: Green earth, amber, crush pomegranate seeds.


Blush & Gloom is a small artisan candle company that finds creative inspiration in stories. Hand-mixed and poured in Tulsa, Oklahoma, each candle is researched and intentionally designed to create a unique, immersive sensory experience that we call a scent-scape: a scent that transports you to a singular time, place, or state of being. These scent-scapes begin with a tale. We love everything from the silly and winsome to the macabre and contemplative to the theatrical and surprising. Literature, film, mythologies, words- we're inspired by the many ways humans choose to tell their stories. Scent is how we tell ours. Above all, Blush & Gloom is all inclusive. No matter if you prefer romantic, energizing, lush, spooky, or feel-good, there's a candle- and a story -for you. Blush & Gloom is owned and operated by LGBTQIA+ womxn. Our carefully crafted, soy blend candles are small batch, vegan, cotton-wicked, and non-toxic.

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