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Ah the ever elusive orchid! So beautiful to look at but so hard to care for! Here's some tips to keep your orchid healthy:

  • Orchids need to have light, they just can't handle too much direct light. Shoot for a bright window sill that doesn't receive direct sun rays. 
  • Orchids grow with aerial root, so the first key is NOT to pot your orchid like a usual plant in a pot with dirt. Use moss or orchid bark to pot and let those roots be free! Be sure to leave any top roots on top of the bark. 
  • When orchids are thirsty, their roots turn silver and shrivel slightly. Dip your entire plant in a bucket of water for 30 minutes. Then remove, give it a slight shake and and put it back in it's home. The hydrated roots should turn a healthy green and be nice and plump!


3” pot


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